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Normes de Déchets d'équipements électriques et électroniques :


Failure Mode Distribution Data.


Screw Threads: Nomenclature, Definitions, and Letter Symbols.


Partie 1-1: Appareils de mesure des perturbations radioélectriques et de l'immunité aux perturbations radioélectriques

2ISO/TS 16949

ISO/TS 16949
Systèmes de management de la qualité. Exigences particulièrespour l'application de l'ISO 9001:2008 pour la production de série et de pièces de rechange dans l'industrie automobile.

SOCOTEC-Sécurité Incendie

SOCOTEC-Sécurité Incendie
Sécurité incendie est conçu pour rendre accessible, de façon aisée et rapide, l’ensemble de la réglementation incendie.


Tubular Exchanger Manufacturers Association Standards.

IPC Association Connecting Electronics Industries liste.

1National Electrical Code®

National Electrical Code®
Only NFPA's Handbook includes the full 2008 NEC text—no other electrical reference has it!
Expert commentary explains NEC rationale and offers practical, hands-on advice on how to comply—including first-time coverage of new articles, explanations of new and revised rules, and clear examples of application.
First-time commentary addresses new articles on topics such as Critical Operations Power Systems. Get expert advice on how to properly apply new NEC requirements for "hardened" wiring systems for facilities where continuity of operation is essential to public safety.
More than 500 full-color graphics, diagrams, photos, tables, and charts illustrate concepts.
Commentary is color-coded so it's easy to distinguish from mandatory NEC provisions.
Summaries of key changes in each article highlight revisions in the 2008 NEC.
New identifiers at the top of each page in the index help users locate topics and identify solutions.
Get up-to-code! The 2008 NEC Handbook brings comprehensive information about electrical safety to electrical contractors, engineers, electricians, safety officials, inspectors, and architects. Order your Handbook direct from NFPA for first delivery as soon as it's available. Boost productivity with this time- and money-saving tool!

IEC Standards+

Des explications entre la nouvelle édition et l'ancienne sont données par le SDO lui-même.
Les publications disponibles sont:

S+ CISPR 22 Edition 6.0 + Redline version
S+ IEC 60335-2-7 Edition 7.0 + Redline version
S+ IEC 61000-3-3 Edition 2.0 + Redline version
S+ IEC 61000-4-6 Edition 3.0 + Redline version

Si bien que cette nouveauté permettra aux industrielles de gagner beaucoup de temps à la mise en oeuvre des nouvelles normes.




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