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Normes de Métaux et Alliages

Collection ASM:

Volume 1:Properties and Selections: Irons, Steels, and High-Performance Alloys

Volume 1:Properties and Selections: Irons, Steels, and High-Performance Alloys
A comprehensive guide to compositions, properties, performance, and selection of cast irons, carbon and low-alloy steels, tool steels, stainless steels, and superalloys.
Contains 1,328 illustrations (photographs, charts, and graphs). More than 500 tables provide extensive data for alloy designations, compositions,
and mechanical and physical properties.
1990 • 1063 pages • ISBN: 978-0-87170-377-4
Product Code: 06181G

Volume 2: Properties and Selection: Nonferrous Alloys and Special- Purpose Materials

Volume 2: Properties and Selection: Nonferrous Alloys and Special- Purpose Materials
The best and most comprehensive single-volume source available on the compositions, properties, selection, and applications of nonferrous metals and alloys. The most extensive coverage is devoted to the most widely used alloy families, including aluminum, titanium, and copper.
Features 1,800 illustrations and hundreds of tables and data sheets covering alloy designations, compositions, properties, and performance.
Product Code: 06182G

Volume 3: Alloy Phase Diagrams

Volume 3: Alloy Phase Diagrams
An introductory source aimed at practicing engineers and material scientists, the text explains how to use
phase diagrams. The more than 1,000 binary and 300 ternary diagrams included cover most commercial alloy systems. Appendices include the melting and boiling points of the elements, their allotropic transformation and magnetic transition temperatures and their crystal structures.
1992 • 512 pages • ISBN: 978-0-87170-381-1
Product Code: 06479G

Volume 4:Heat Treating

Volume 4:Heat Treating
The world’s best and most comprehensive reference guide to all aspects of heat treating. Contents include:
• Heat Treating of Steel—quenching, tempering and annealing, continuous annealing, quantitative methods to predict hardenability
• Surface Hardening of Steel—processing and properties of case hardened materials
• Heat Treating Equipment—emphasis on furnace design and thermal efficiency
• Process and QC Considerations—sensors and oxygen probes for temperature/atmosphere/ carbon control, statistical process control
• Heat Treating of Cast Irons—includes data on austempered ductile iron and high-alloy irons
• Heat Treating Stainless Steels and Heat- Resistant Alloys—includes superalloys and refractory metals and alloys
• Sections on Heat Treating of Tool Steels and Nonferrous Alloys
1991 • 1012 pages • ISBN: 978-0-87170-379-8
Product Code: 06184G

Volume 5: Surface Engineering

Volume 5: Surface Engineering
This volume provides all the detailed information about surface cleaning, finishing, and coating that you’ll find absolutely vital. Includes published
articles on testing of coatings and thin films, environmental concerns, and surface engineering of nonmetallic structural materials. There’s also expanded analysis of advanced processes such as chemical vapor deposition, physical vapor deposition, and diffusion coatings, plus additional
information in the areas of continuous coatings, electroplating, and finishing methods.
1994 • 1056 pages • ISBN: 978-0-87170-384-2
Product Code: 06125G

Volume 6: Welding, Brazing, and Soldering

Volume 6: Welding, Brazing, and Soldering
Volume 6 is the most comprehensive reference book ever produced on the major joining technologies and their applications
to engineered materials.
With over 500 illustrations and 400 tables, this book includes practical advice on consumable selection and procedure
development, as well as joining fundamentals, processes, assemblies and selection.
Edited by D. L. Olson, T. A. Siewert, S. Liu,
and G. R. Edwards • 1993 • 1299 pages
ISBN: 978-0-87170-382-8
Product Code: 06480G



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