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Volume 7: Powder Metal Technologies and Applications

Volume 7: Powder Metal Technologies and Applications
Covers all areas of powder production, sampling, characterization, shaping, consolidation, sintering, quality
control, machining, heat treating, and P/M applications. For practical engineering information on sintering practices, tool design, P/M metallography, dimensional control, part design, powders, binders, lubricants, and the
processing, properties, and performance of P/M materials in different production technologies and applications.
Contributing Editors • W.B. Eisen, B.L. Ferguson, R.M.
German, R. Iacocca, P.W. Lee, D. Madan, K. Moyer,
H. Sanderow, and Y. Trudel • 1998
1147 pages • ISBN: 978-0-87170-387-3
Product Code: 06543G

Volume 8: Mechanical Testing and Evaluation

Volume 8: Mechanical Testing and Evaluation
This book is ASM’s standard reference on the mechanical characteristics and testing of metals, plastics, ceramics, and composites. Understand the basics of
mechanical behavior with in-depth coverage on testing methods for those materials. Comparative mechanical properties and the mechanical characteristics of metals, plastics, and ceramics are included throughout for general reference. Updated references to ISO, ASTM, DIN, EN, JIS and other standards are also included.
Edited by H. Kuhn and D. Medlin • 2000
998 pages • ISBN: 978-0-87170-389-7
Product Code: 06772G

Volume 9: Metallography and Microstructures

Volume 9: Metallography and Microstructures

Volume 9 is an indispensable reference for anyone who specifies, performs, monitors, evaluates, or uses metallurgical analyses
for production quality control, research, or educational training. This edition provides important updates and new information
reflecting the substantial changes in automation, equipment, consumable products and preparation methodology, as well as new metals, alloys and manufacturing technologies that have emerged since 1985.
Expanded coverage of color metallography is provided, including more than 70 pages in full color.
Edited by G.F. Vander Voort • 2004
1184 pages • ISBN: 978-0-87170-706-2
Product Code: 06044G

Volume 10: Materials Characterization

Volume 10: Materials Characterization
This volume provides you with an easily understood reference book on modern analytical techniques.
With over 950 illustrations and 95 tables, the emphasis is on the practical rather than theoretical, describing the most
common applications and limitations of each method.
1986 • 761 pages • ISBN: 978-0-87170-016-2
Product Code: 06358G

Volume 11: Failure Analysis and Prevention

Volume 11: Failure Analysis and Prevention
“This is an excellent book in terms of structure, content and reproduction and is highly recommended.”
- K.L. Edwards, Book Review,
Materials and Design
Volume 11 covers the general engineering aspects of failure prevention and fundamental root causes, materials selection, and the role of design
reviews in failure prevention and analysis. Includes failures related to metals manufacturing operations, and the increasingly important role of life assessment
methods in failure prevention. Failure analysis process, principles, practices, tools, and techniques used to perform and evaluate failure analysis work and the causes, mechanisms, appearances, and prevention methodology for the four classic types of failure.
Edited by R.J. Shipley and W.T. Becker • 2002
1164 pages • ISBN: 978-0-87170-704-8
Product Code: 06072G

Volume 12: Fractography

Volume 12: Fractography
Provides engineers with enhanced capability for recognizing and interpreting the various features of a fracture.
The Atlas of Fractographs, which comprises the second half of the volume, contains more than 1,300 fractographs. Supplemental illustrations of failed metal-
matrix composites, resin-matrix composites, polymers, and electronic materials are also included. Over
1,900 illustrations and 41 tables.
1987 • 517 pages • ISBN: 978-0-87170-018-6
Product Code: 06365G

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